Pennsylvania Schools and What Good are the Criminal Background Checks

I was working on something or other yesterday when I got a call from a news reporter in the area.  No, I did not get quoted, and it was not to get my life story, but his questions about the amendments to the School Code's §1-111 got me thinking about the uselessness of the new amendment.  If any of the legislation's sponsors are reading this, I am sorry.

Mostly, I am focusing on the self-reporting requirement for old offenses that appears at §1-111(j)(1-3).  And what's my issue?  It has no teeth.  If a school employee is newly arrested or convicted of one of the listed offenses, the amendment says he has to report it.  Fine.  If the arrest results in a conviction, he must report that, too.  At that point, the School Code's §5-527 requires that the school district fire him.
But what about the old conviction that the employee is required to report?  Nothing.  Section 1-111(e) bars anyone from being "employed [by a] school ... where the report of criminal history record information indicates the applicant has been convicted of ...." So, first of all, this only refers to prospective employees not current ones, and secondly, the conviction has to appear on the report of criminal history record information, which the self-report is not.
What is a district to do when it gets a completed self-report form that admits to old arrests or convictions?  Unfortunately, the statute does not give any authority to act.
There is another minor hole, but one that is really more academic than real.
The criminal history report from the FBI and PA State Police can be up to a year old at the time the person is hired.  An applicant could apply, get their criminal clearances done, THEN go out and commit an offense.  If they manage to get convicted prior to starting on the new job, the statute does not provide a mechanism to fire such a new employee.
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