PA School Districts Not To Pay for Pre-K Charter/Cyber Charters

On Wednesday, November 23, 2011, the PA Supreme Court issued its decision on whether a school district has to pay for a student to attend a charter or cyber charter school’s kindergarten when the student would be too young to attend the district’s program.

The answer was a clear and unambiguous "no."


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You're Outta Th ... huh ... no? Still Working in PA's Schools

I recently received yet another call from a current school employee (working at a school Fox Rothschild does not represent) who had a problem because of old criminal conduct.  Obviously, with all this continuing interest, it is a good topic for discussion.

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BB Gun Not a 'Weapon' in Florida Schools

The Florida courts have come to the interesting conclusion that a BB gun is not a weapon and reversed the resulting school discipline imposed.  This could happen to you.

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Banged up Pennsylvania Students

No, this has nothing to do with any current high profile news.  Instead, this is to note that apparently, Pennsylvania's students are not as tough as we (and they) through they were.

Our students are injuring their brains playing sports.  In response, the Pennsylvania legislature passed a bill that says once a kid starts looking like he or she has a concussion, that student cannot play again until passed by a doctor.

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