Study abroad: adventure, danger, and liability

The gravest danger I encountered was a drunken Scotsman looking for a fight (no, he was not in a kilt; those are for formal occasions) at the University of Stirling.  No trouble there for me, but things seem to have changed for students overseas in the new century.

The number of American students "studying” (quotes are deliberate) overseas is growing fast. According to The Chronicle of Higher Education (“The Chronicle”)(subscription required, sorry), more than 200,000 American students studied overseas in 2004-05, twice as many eight years before.   Two-thirds of these adventurer-scholars, interestingly, are women, according to The Chronicle.  And according to a recent Newsweek blurb (get your free subscription with your WHYY membership like me), “experts predict that the number of students in overseas programs could swell from 206,000 last year [2006] to 1 million annually within a decade.”   It seems these young adventurer-scholars get into all sorts of trouble, from falling off the Great Wall of China, to being war refuges in Lebanon. 

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